About us

"World of concrete is world of brutal beauty"

In the world of mass production we are looking for products which are somehow special. Handmade items have additional components usually invisible for human eyes. It is passion of creation and love for design, which make them truly unique. All mentioned above elements resulted in formation of Hohou company. We are young company which mission is to provide handmade products which make any place unique. If you want design your home, office, pub or restaurant distinguishable from others we will help you obtain this result. By using Hohou’s products you can create one of a kind, cosy interior by which you express yourself and amaze your family, friends or clients.


We produce handmade decorations out of concrete or plaster. During production we treat each item individually and we put in each product the secret ingredient – our heart. We do our best to provide you with high class, noble product.


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